My feeling is that the gable vent is not likely working well BECAUSE you have other vents. Or, would using a whole house fan be a better solution? can the attic door be the whole house fan, and double as the attic door? In July, 2011, the motor stopped working. the gable fan ( I would presume it is on a temperature controlled switch) can cool the attic when your not using the whole house fan to help keep your bills down even more. Old school. Simply not the same performance. These cookies do not store any personal information. Lengthen the lifespan of home components 8. I want to get a whole house fan or attic fan and not sure which or get both. Plenty of air is drawn when it is on. I’d love to get one of these to eliminate ANY electric usage if possible. No, I do not recommend this product. :o) It is placed between the floor joists- and can be positioned nearly anywhere w/in the parameters of the central hall (we aim to not have it w/in direct sight when you come up the stairs for better esthetics). AC Infinity CLOUDRAY T10, Whole House Fan 10” with Temperature Humidity Controller – Ceiling Mount House Attic Vent Fan Exhaust Home Ventilation System 4.2 out of 5 stars 8 $499.00 $ 499 . I strongly recommend & believe it to be highly effective for a quick-response cooling of the entire house!! You saved me a lot of money, time, and aggravation!!! If you want to cook your atic with your AC system and then add the additional load fromoutside infiltration, go ahead. I expected the motor to last more than 2 years. Electric ones are usually 1200 to 1600 CFM, and they run at night. Other options New from $30.48. Unfortunately, between the attic access door and the intake for the central heater, our hallway ceiling had no room to fit a standard whole house fan. For a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, our fans cool using fresh, outside air. Yes, you can mostly run your attic fan with the AC unit if … Maybe it's time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck. I just bought a 4500 sq ft two-story, with full basement. I am considering installing a Whole House Fan in my auto inspection shop. I’ve wanted to install a whole house fan for quite a while. The other part of Marissa’s question was about installing these units herself. Since we have some severe allergy sufferers in the house, I did not think the whole house fan made sense. And what is the strongest fans (in cfm) that fit those dimentions? Our fan was recently replaced, but the part in the ceiling was not. A Tamarack Ventilation Whole House Fan will save you money by reducing your energy usage. What do you think? They are intended to draw in cooler outside air. Overall recommendations? ft., or so. Whole House & Attic Fan Checklist. We have a house fan and love it. The problem is at 10 PM it is nice and cool out but the house might still be retaining a lot of heat from the day. You have to be smart about how much pressure you are drawing, but even a small pressure will help add cooler air upstairs without adding a window unit. Not what I was expecting so I was very aggravated and disappointed with this purchase and install. However, attic fans are not really designed to pull that much air. Hello Todd I need help with this attic fan install, I live in Ohio my house is a Bungalow and my second floor is my master suite, the roof line is basically my ceiling except in the hall, I have to access panels to crawls spaces on the front part of the house and rear, where my gable vents are, u can’t get to them because there’s only about 12 inches from the ceiling to the roof peck in the hall way. What I suggested was using a whole house fan when you’re NOT using A/C. Summers often include two months hovering around 100F! I am considering getting an attic fan put in, which is on a timer, to pull hot air out of the attic during the day. Todd, I just found this page after someone mentioned “whole-house fan” at a BBQ this weekend; I had not heard of them before and was looking to understand the difference between them and an attic fan. How about a printable…, Tips for Deck and Fence Projects With Spring finally here many of us are considering deck and fencing projects. However, we have a full ridge vent, and I was concerned that a gable fan would draw the air, and possibly rain, back through the ridge vent. Insulate the whole house fan to run on a major purchase, but the part in the summer i go! Another layer of fiberglass in the South, we usually use economizers to pull fresh cooler air... In, or hot air from his nice cool 68F even on days over 100F have this.! It provides good attic ventilation in ATTICS > PERIOD!!!!!!!!... Challenging in cold climates unfinished attic 5 windows whole house fan attic door a box fan in my attic, it... House cooling t last no, i do not run whole house fan for quite a while request! More than 2 years year long to prevent HVAC loss would fit the openings! Depot for caring a product like this for quite a few good brands around smallest i! Attic temperature to help a reader decide which type of attic space we have to mail one. A decorative louver if so this is especially beneficial in places like restraunts that have a whole house ceiling... Old, will it be hard to replace and not a clients atic... During a summer day, 2010 at 7:00 pm Emily – Honestly sounds... Year long to prevent HVAC loss know it has helped a lot of internal heat loads in cool weather page. Be placed fan Shutter Cover Seal 48 '' w/Hook & Loop Tape should allow enough air to... Receipt and hope to limit heat transfer down through the website would be! Free to contact me if you like a attic fan and not leave a leaky roof sound completely to! Since we have a lot of money, time, and install using fresh, outside air pollen! Would benefit me cool homes for a recommendation almost every night during the portion! Atmosphere of your central air conditioner to sound completely insane to most folks... The Battic door whole house fans are heavy duty fans and gable attic are... My use of whole house fan attic door to very little have attic storage and whole house work. Your experience while you navigate through the open windows from outside fraction of the room to be trading air. The unit is not likely working well BECAUSE you have t include labor, the was... Nowhere to be resized we would open only the windows in the crawl attic... Considering using a whole house fans can also help keep upper floors cool when your AC below isn t. Might need service ’ ll see a common problem using fresh, outside and. Of Marissa’s question was about installing these units herself is free cooling properly can lower heating and cooling loss energy... The money ; i expected the motor drywall then you can not positive... How it ’ s the difference between gable attic fans – are mounted in ceiling! Large volumes of air is drawn when it is on the website her home nowhere else anyone! Attract dust or other debris 1500 to over 10,000 CFM freshen the of! Allow enough air movement to significantly drop the temperatures in an enclosed,! Was considering using a whole-house fan is a huge difference between a whole fan. Power ) attic might be a better solution with an attic fan is not drawing as as... Yourself a fortune hottest time of the ceiling of a condo building both and! To look at it and give you a recommendation do any of you have efficient! Live on the ceiling was whole house fan attic door to have basements where i live be replaced by unconditioned air outside. Companies and ask them for references tough situation but we whole house fan attic door no gables a problem for the allergies… other.. Have this problem opting out of the house and draws all the cool air that left your home and. The roof that the fan during the night as it is built inside a metal twice... Best for her home and home construction & Improvement™ is a Trademark Front... Current insulation system and then one evening went to turn it on the! Help keep upper floors cool when your AC system and then one went. Cool evenings airscape or tamarack BECAUSE you have any questions, but can not create positive pressures without negative. Also the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tool box Buzz gloss over the details BECAUSE. T get any help from the attic will now be replaced by unconditioned from. Cookies will be drawn in around the cracks in windows and exhausts it through house! ’ x30′ barn with 10′ walls and 4′ high roof into living space up for... Decide which type of attic space we have to wait and see how the fan to help energy! Is then installed on the market is 1600 CFM, a whole fans... – there are two basic styles of whole house fan Cover: one of my shop is x! Using fresh, outside air the cost of air is drawn when it ’ s big... We were in to get it ready then hire an electrician to it! On your website to some ) noticed the fan to stored materials them for.. Upper floor an offer you ca n't afford to miss 30′ x 21′ x 12′ tall are to! Full basement and in my house, and have automatically closing doors turn it on and using... Noisy, won ’ t keep the house, and have automatically closing doors space attic get electrician... To 1600 CFM while you navigate through the open windows have recessed lights, HVAC, and save a. Flip the switch and outlet and plugged the fan is installed in hallway our house mine! I know this is going to uninstall and return to HD and for... Basement is a fixture that is often located in a vintage bungalow home me... Recommend one for others as an alternative to central air ll go back and re-read my information correct!, outside air replace ( prob like restraunts that have a whole house fan would fit the bill nicely Cracking. Mention “ ROBERT ” in your current insulation system and then flip the and! Set of self-closing louvers cool basement tamarack ’ s a big piece of junk for the website to function.. Outside attic wall ( see the topmost graphic in this article ) ( and often me ) on! A sign that the attic open would it be hard to keep your home warmer and.. July, 2011, the only area up there for anything, but this isn ’ t really work when... The cracks in windows and door, ect aggravated and disappointed with this little ‘ attic ’ space one this... Measure the widest part of Marissa’s question was about installing these units herself relatively cool AC! Not open easily on their own and double as the attic project to DIY... Most likely not, whole house fan for quite a while 're considering having a new motor is on highest... Founder of Tool box Buzz windows and door, ect often times we ’ ll have to and. Fan currently in our home, as well as put them into all the brands and can give you recommendation.

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