After returning to the Witch’s Cave, Atreus can solve a sand bowl rune puzzle to lower the platform and allow access to this Legendary Chest. Once you go through it, you’ll notice a sand bowl on a raised platform. A little to the right, look around the rocks to find The Turtle’s Tribute buried treasure. Rune Seal 1 Found in the shaft where you have to climb up to reach the witch’s garden. Shoot this one to create a bridge to a shatter crystal dispensing root. When he’s done playing in the sand, the podium he’s on will lower enough that you can jump to it. We’ll be coming back to this a bunch, so remember where it is. Use the axe to clear the way, and Atreus will run to the bowl. Items in this area: Legendary chest (Muspelheim cipher), Nornir chest (Horn of Blood Mead), coffin (soft Svartalfheim steel), treasure map (The Turtle’s Tribute), hidden chamber door, coffin (soft Svartalfheim steel), wooden chest, Legendary chest (Murder of Crows runic summon). Climb up the well. Drop back down the chain. This is a clue for a sand bowl you’ll solve in a second. You can find it by heading left from the rune chest, creating a bridge of light, and breaking a wall of red growth. Ride the elevator to the top, and you’ll find yourself in the familiar surroundings of the Witch’s Cave. The dock you will use this time is different than the one that you used to leave. Now you can leave the cave area and climb out to the Witch’s front yard. If our guide doesn’t appear to get you every item (a chest, for example), there’s a reason for that. Blow this one up as well. 4. We don’t want to spoil it. There’s a lot to find in the area, including collectibles and much more. Hop across, then turn right to find a Legendary chest. There’s several important collectibles you can find in the Witch’s Cave, and every one of them requires a different approach. Keep following the marker until you reach the Witch’s Cave. There’s no way down off the Mountain except the Mystic Gateway, so we’re going to pick up the journey at Tyr’s Temple/Bridge. This will be your first time back to the Witch’s Cave since Atreus got his exciting new arrows, so there’s a few new things you can pick up now. Now, look to the ceiling to the left of the bowl. There’s several important collectibles you can find in the Witch’s Cave, and every one of them requires a different approach. Witch’s Cave is an area in Midgard in God of War. When you kill … Run into the tunnel you just opened and turn right. Destroy one with a … So, players have been wondering how to explore the Witch’s Cave. This is somewhat hampered by his belief that the golden age of gaming ended with the PlayStation One, but he doesn't let that stop him. At the end of this ridge, look down over the Witch’s yard. Head back and grab another shatter crystal. It is fallen and only has 2 runes. Since you’ve already gotten everything down in the cave, all that’s left for you to do is finish off the story beats for this part of your journey. This will solve the puzzle, and the sand basin platform will come down. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of Turn left and look below where you were just standing to find another light crystal. The first seal is just above your head in the wall of the well. Look for the statue of Thor. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. God of War – Nornir Chests of The River Pass The tunnel entrance is between the left side of the tower and Thor’s foot. On the left side of the hidden room with the hidden chamber door, there’s a gate you can open. Throughout the campaign you’ll find Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead. I cant find a third. Down the path is one of those rune spinners where you throw your axe to change the rune being shown. Location: Found in a Legendary Chest in Region “The River Pass“, in the Witch’s Cave. To be able to open this nornir chest, you’ll need to have Atreus’ light and shock arrows. After you fight off a bunch of draugr, face the front door. Once you clear the area of enemies, look to your right. Chest No. Closing Edited: December ... Go back to the Witch’s Cave and head again up the neatly out to the place the turtle is living, and take a look at the enormous arch you summoned the use of the sand bowl (the runes will also be observed from the ledge above). You’ll spot a climbable wall blocked by some planks, so use the axe to destroy them. You’ll immediately notice that the water level has gone down. After a short time, the gigantic statue of Thor will come into view. Once you can fast travel anywhere, you can return to the Witch’s Cave easily from any other Mystic Gate. Also, there is a green orb above chest and one next to fallen rune spinner. God of War: How to Solve Every Rune Chest. God of War Spoils of War Artefact Locations in Alfheim, God of War Shock Arrows – How to Get & Use. View Full-size Continue to the Mountain¶ There’s only one way forward for now, crouch under the small gap in front of you to come out in… His favorite games include Soul Reaver and Undertale. Fire Troll arena. The God Of War Nornir Chest is an essential way to upgrade your health and extend your rage meters throughout the game. After sixteen…, With the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 (for real,…, The launch of Immortals Fenyx Rising is right…. God of War!/en-us/tid=CUSA07408_00 Then, row towards the south (the game will give you a marker to follow). After you meet your new friend on the top of the Mountain, you’ll have to return to the Witch of the Woods. If the game doesn’t let you go back immediately, that’s fine; just keep pushing forward. So we want you to know that we’ve written every guide with spoilers in mind. Reveal the runes by tossing the axe. There are lots of different treasure chests throughout the new God of War, but the most important are undoubtedly the Nornir Chests – some players may refer to these as Rune … For now, grab one, then run back across both bridges. [Health Upgrade]: The last nornir chest in this area is on the cliff of the troll arena. You’re looking for the tunnel you came out of earlier during the Path to the Mountain journey goal. Create a bridge and cross to the coffin for some solid Svartalfheim steel. First you must restore the ruins, then move the Winds of Hel to the second pillar and then use it to activate the sign with runes. Odin s ravens in The River Pass. Use that to jump onto the little bit of dry land and find the Mask artifact. For more detailed info, though, here’s our guide on how to return to God of War Witch’s Cave. Any idea how to open this chest? The third Nornir chest is found in the mission, Path to the Mountain. Your email address will not be published. Well Random Name got the last cipher on the mountain and still got the missable muspelheim enchantments, so he got the last cipher there BEFORE the witches cave chest, he just said in post #2. At the top, turn left and run around behind the well to find a light crystal. Run back past the Nornir chest and stop at the top of the ramp down. The chest can be found near witch's hut. Then move on for now. The “N” looking rune is opposite the Nornir Chest next to a coffin encased in red sap on a ledge. Legendary Chest #32 [Mists of Helheim Rune]: Over in the Iron Cove, climb the rock wall at the destroyed ship, and you’ll find two Scorn Poles. Paddle south from the bridge toward Muspelheim tower. One rune is to the immediate right of the Nornir chest, the second is up high to the left of the bridge, and the final is over the bridge and in a cave. Up ahead, you will fight a fire troll and a number of Shadow bad guys. It will reveal a Legendary chest with the Storm of the Elks runic summon for Atreus. Exploring the woods and found a locked chest. There are five things right in this room: Drop back down and open the Nornir chest for your Horn of Blood Mead, then come back here. He’ll run over to your left to find a sand bowl. 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Head down the ramp at your right to get down to Chaurli and the Witch’s house. Rather than spoil that reason, our tables of contents and a big image in the guide indicating spoilers ahead will tell you when and why you find yourself in that situation — in the least spoilery way possible. The "N" looking rune is opposite the Nornir Chest next to a coffin encased in red sap on a ledge. When you dock, have Atreus blow up the red sap wall blocking your path. You can find a Horn of Blood Mead rune chest, which you can reach if you head right from the long wooden bridge. Rune Reads This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Nornir Chests of The River Pass. ... You must destroy three runes in witch's cave. Once you’ve been to Helheim, return to the Witch’s Cave and climb the wall to exit the cave into the yard in front of the turtle house. Take a couple steps to the right out onto the stone pallet you pushed off the first time you were here. One of the runes you need to destroy is above the Hidden Chamber door, which you can open if you have the Magic Chisel. Head back to the elevator and the area where you found the first rune seal for the Nornir chest (above). Impossible to miss. The River Pass secrets and collectibles in God of War God of War Guide and Walkthrough. It is the second region you can explore in the game, and part of your main Journey. On the other side of the wall, take the elevator up. Rage of the Titans: A rapid blade attack that ends in a devastating swipe that launches enemies into the air. You’ll pass this chest during the early part of your game, even before you reach the Lake of Nine. Then, turn to Atreus and hit Square when the prompt appears on-screen. Turn left and look for more smashable planks across a large gap, then grab the big stone-filled pallet and slide it to the right. Since you’re right here, head back to the left of the Legendary chest you just opened, then turn right. Turn around and look for another lore marker written on a rock face next to a chain. When you can return to the Witch's Cave with Light and Shock Arrows, head down the path towards where you pushed the pallet into the water to find new blue crystals below that create a path to a Nornir Chest. The first time you visit the location, you’ll certainly notice that there’s a lot that can be found down there. One of the runes you need to destroy is above the Hidden Chamber door, which … Wait for Atreus to climb on top, then you can shuttle him all the way to the left. When you dock, you’ll notice an elevator covered in the gross, red growth. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Carry it back around front and place it next to the lore marker to read some more. Then, approach the wall and give Atreus a boost up. To the right of that coffin is the second seal. The new God of War can be challenging. Grab the Faces of Magic artifact along the way. When you exit the elevator from the dock, you’ll notice a passage blocked by red goop on your right.

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